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Our Creative Design Process

A DAY IN MAY DESIGN prides itself on complementing our creative expertise with a systematic design process that remains seamless from beginning to end.

PHASE ONE consists of an initial consultation between one of our designers and the potential client. A comprehensive proposal and contract is submitted after the scope of the project, budget, roles, deliverables and goals have been clearly defined. A DAY IN MAY DESIGN sets a strict schedule of deadlines to be met throughout the project.

PHASE TWO focuses on research and development. The client completes an extensive questionnaire about his/her company, which helps A DAY IN MAY DESIGN evaluate the client's target audience, industry, vision and design needs. A DAY IN MAY DESIGN then begins project development.

PHASE THREE consists of a constant "dialogue" between the client and A DAY IN MAY DESIGN. Through several presentations of work and our client's continual refinements, we work our way from the first round of several design options to the final and completed design solution.

PHASE FOUR involves the production of mechanicals, the management of the process and lastly, the delivery of the mechanicals to their final source. Whether the last step involves a printer, a web programmer, or even a t-shirt silk-screener, A DAY IN MAY DESIGN finishes the job.